Obagi Retinol 0.5%

Obagi Retinol 0.5%

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What do we think?

New to skincare but want to start taking care of your skin and start reversing the early signs of aging this product is for you!

 What does it do?

  • Increases Skin Radiance
  • Diminished appearance of forehead lines.
  • Skin Looks in overall better condition.
  • Improves overall Skin Tone
  • Improved texture on the cheeks

How does it do this? 

  • This products harnesses all the skin benefits of Vitamin A (Retinoid) uses entrapped poly-pore retinol technology, for greater penetration.
  • It also includes soothing ingredients such as: chamomile extract, green tea extract and Shea butter, which allows patient more frequent use without irritation.

What do Users think?

  • 90% of patients saw improvement in their facial appearance by week 3.
  • 88% of patients reported improved skin texture and resilience
  • 82% of patients felt skin looked refreshed and firmer with more even skin tone and increased brightness.
  • 79% of patients felt lines and wrinkles appeared less visible.




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