Hyperhidrosis is the condition characterized by abnormally increased sweating, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. It is often associated with a significant embarrassment and can have psychological and emotional effects on suffers. However, there is no need to suffer in silence. After being seen by your general practitioner and having a full health screen to rule out organic causes of excessive sweating such as thyroid conditions, pregnancy, infection and the menopause. Here are my chosen medical treatments and a review of their efficacy and side effects.



This is a liquid gel that is prescribed by your GP and is available on the NHS. Aluminium chloride gel, causes a max influx of chloride ions into the sweat glands that has a knock-on effect to the nearby water molecules which move back into the cell, reducing the quantity of sweat excreted.

PROS: It can be used once daily and has good efficacy in mild to moderate hyperhidrosis.

CONS: It is however a very irritative product and causes redness and irritation to the skin whenever applied.


Anti-cholinergic drugs act on the sympathetic nerve system blocking the effects of a chemical called actylecholine, that acts on sweat glands. These can be prescribed by your general practitioner and are usually only used in extreme circumstance.

PROS: They are highly effective in severe cases.

CONS: They result in dry mouth, stomach cramps and blurred vision. It also requires taking a pill on a daily basis.



Botox is a natural occurring protein found in soil that is injected into the sweat glands and causes blockage of the signal to the brain that tells your body to sweat. These injections can be sort from your local aesthetic practitioner and cost from £400.

PROS: It is highly effective, takes only 60 minutes for the procedure to be carried out and can last up to six months.

CONS: The down side to this procedure is that it does require injections and this can cause temporary redness and irritation.


I hope that this has helped all the suffers of hyperhidrosis and empower them to seek the treatments they need. For more information and assistance I also recommend suffers visit the following website http://hyperhidrosisuk.org/



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